Career counselling

A general overview of career counselling

Career counselling is a process of structural cooperation where the career counsellor leads the client to the desired goal of his career.
In the relationship based on trust that goes both ways and top tier professionalism, the career counsellor lines up and makes sessions of individual and group career counselling come true. The sessions last approximately 60 minutes a structure based on the premise of the career counsellor and customer having an honest and faithful discussion based on asking questions and searching for answers. Every session has it’s own theme, goal and options to make it come true, ending up with a general plan.

Work with adults

Some aspects where career counselling could be of help:

  • Profession choice based on acquired qualifications
  • Designing a career plan
  • Active searching for work – taking a deep look at the labour market and possible open work positions
  • The application for a specific job – CV and motivational letter
  • Getting ready for an interview
  • General support in getting employed as well as the new workplace
  • Motivation in the workplace through career counselling
  • Dealing with stress in the workplace
  • Coming up with a developmental plan for a specific workplace
  • Help during the transition of workplace
  • Help in establishing a personal business/self employment
  • All other subjects of interest in the area of career, employment and pleasure in the workplace

Career counselling of children

After graduating middle school, children are faced with the first meaningful career challenge – which high school to enroll in? The question is much deeper – Where do they see their professional future? It isn’t easy to answer this question at a young age, by any stretch of the imagination, And the support from the parent and career counsellor is crucial in this stage of career development.

Working with a career counsellor can help in:

  • Designating so called clusters based on general interest, values and personal characteristics
  • Strenghtening self confidence in choosing a high school
  • Help in making the informal decision
  • Making a career plan.
  • Increasing motivation in carrying out school tasks
  • Sessions with the parent as support in the decision making phase

Career counselling in organisations

The career counsellor position is one needed in every modern organisation, as a part of the HR department. Work departments of the Career counsellor position:

  • Career development planning for employees
  • Help in drafting a personal growth plan
  • Motivation in the workplace
  • Dealing with stress in the workplace
  • Planning of the organisational structure by intertwining employee career paths
  • Career counselling while reducing the size of teams (firing) – counselling regarding future employment

Influencing society

Career counselling needs to be integrated into many public institutions such as:

  • In educational institutions – Middle schools, High schools, Colleges, Centres of informal education
  • The ministry of education and science, The ministry of labour and social policy, Employment agency, etc.

With the integration of career counselling in every level of society, It can be used to better the process of planning the workforce, creating ties between the business and education sectors, reducing unemployment and creating a society that everyone can contribute in.

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