The term career originates from the latin word carrus, meaning “chariot”. It is widely accepted that somewhere around 1803 the term “career” was used for the first time in the context of “The direction of one’s life in the public or professional field”. From then on, there have been many interpretations, definitions and theories regarding career, it’s meaning and the need for it’s planning.

In the simplest form – a career is the progression of one’s work positions during their work- life span, and in the wider sense they fit in with other life roles one has. Everyone has a career, regardless if one considers himself a “careerist”, has a career and considers it important or is simply looking for a job. The difference is in the fact that some people plan their career and are able to build it according to their wishes, and on the other hand it simply just happens to some people. If we utilise career planning, we allow our dreams to come true, not just in the workplace, but on a wider scale.

One’s career is intertwined with their vision and goals, our perceived meaning of life, our role within the family and society as a whole. When we have a career plan, we can have a wider view of the life we want to build.